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This first picture is the ceiling of my son's room that I painted.  The dots are glow in the dark stickers that I tried to arrange like the constellations (most of them fell off).  I will never paint a ceiling like this again!  What was I thinking?

On the wall, I did a black stripe all the way around the room.  Next is a gold trim piece, followed by circles with the area in between the circles accented (yellow triangles).  I did these with oil pastel pencils and have no idea how it will be when it comes time to remove it.  This area is framed by another gold trim piece. 

I was inspired to paint this ceiling by a picture I saw in a book (not my idea).

My daughter's room. 

She wanted a rainbow on pink walls.  She picked the pink and I thought at first that the color was terrible.  After I painted the room, I loved it!  The rainbow was great to paint.  There's nothing like a really big canvas!  She's out grown the rainbow with the pink and now wants something else.  I wonder how hard this will be to remove???