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This page will give you some ideas as to what lampworking is about.

My "studio" is my garage.  It's full of bugs, frogs, bats...YES- BATS!!! (they fly in looking for bugs, YIKES) it's 110 degrees in the summer and the winter...well, already I'm complaining!


Click on picture for a larger view.

Minor Burner Torch with Creation Station.

I had to buy the kiln a special "bead door" for lampwork.  This is a fabulous kiln for PMC work.  Add the bead door, and it then works great for beads too.  Before the door, I had to batch anneal.  See picture with crock pot below.  

This is my old Hot Head Torch. This little torch will remain forever in my heart no matter how many new ones I may have.  A lot of people start on this torch.  Yep, that is a bulk hose attached.  Please see picture below of propane tank for my little soap box speech about the use of a bulk hose.


Click on picture for large view.

I took a cheap paper storage system and turned it into a "glass" storage system.  It's inside a Rubbermade closet so I can close the doors to keep the glass clean.  See the dark and neutral colors on top?  That is the glass I use most often and so it's at eye level.

Click on picture for larger view.

Tools.  You may find that you need a lot of them. 

Hot Head on a Mapp gas canister for your friend to use.  The mapp gas doesn't scum up your glass the way the propane does.  It's easier on your friend.  Don't forget headphones and CDs.

Defective crock pot that burnt all my pot roast but it is great for cooling beads.  The crock pot gets filled with vermiculite and turned on high.  This is a way to batch anneal.  Crock pot first, then into the kiln when you have a pile of beads you need annealed.

Mandrels.  You cover them with bead release before adding the hot glass.  You hope your bead realease works  so the molten glass stays tightly attached to the mandrel.

This tank has a bulk hose attached for using a Hot Head torch. 

You can use just propane with the hot head. Although I would not recommend it. In fact I'll get real upset with you if your doing it with a bulk hose.  There's not a regulator on the tank, which is BAD.  Really bad, but I did it for a short time because I didn't know any better.  I always used another hot head with mapp gas for encasing and colors you can't keep clear with propane. 

Here's the tank with the regulator and flashback arrestor I now use with my Minor Burner.

O2 tank with cart and regulator attached.  It's big, it's ugly and orange.  It doesn't last long when it's little like this one.  This tank is a 90(?).  It would last between 2-5 hours.  I had to buy a concentrator!

O2 Concentrator.  This wonderful little machine replaces the O2 tank.  Wish I had two!