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The Making of a Horse Bead

I took these pictures while trying to make the bead.  It was difficult to coordinate the bead, the glass, the torch and the camera.  I almost put my hand in the flame, not once, but twice!  The pictures give you an idea of how the glass is built up in the flame.  Some of the horses take 45 minutes of uninterrupted torch time.  I'm going to begin to add other elements  which means an even longer torch time.  The most difficult thing about making them is coordinating every element.  You get intent on building one part but must continually remember to even your heat on the entire bead.  If a part gets to cold, it cracks off.  Each horse is an achievement!

When the glass pictured is cold, it it brown.  Isn't the glow and the color of the molten glass beautiful?  It still amazes me!

I had to stop the pictures and finish this bead.  It was just too hard to keep it all going.



I thought this picture was cool.

Most of the pictures I took didn't turn out.


Finished bead below didn't turn out either.

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