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 Make a Beaded Bracelet



Lampwork beads

Seed bead spacers
Sterling silver Bali  Beads
Sterling Silver crimp beads-These beads you squeeze with pliers to secure your bracelet together.
Sterling silver toggle Clasp

Beadalon beading wire 49 strand-(Professional Series)

Tools Needed:
Wire cutters
Standard round or flat nose Pliers - Crimping Pliers Recommended

  1. Measure the length you want for the bracelet (use your own wrist, for example).  Standard size for a toggle clasp bracelet is 7 1/2 inches.
  2. Arrange your beads in a pleasing pattern in front of you.  A piece of heavy weight paper folded "fan style"  helps keep your beads from rolling around.
  3. Put tape on one end of your beading wire and string your beads.
  4. Finish by stringing 2 crimp beads a small silver bead then one side of the clasp. Pass back through the small silver bead, the crimp beads and few of beads.  Do not cut the wire yet!   Do the same for the taped end of your bracelet.
  5. Before squeezing your crimp beads try on your bracelet.  Now is the time to make any changes.  Double check everything.
  6. When you are sure of your design, simply flatten the crimp bead with standard round or flat nose pliers.

Note:  Crimping pliers make better crimped beads.  To use crimp pliers, use crimper section of the crimp pliers to secure the cord.  (Best results are achieved when the two cording pieces are positioned on either side of the center dimple.)  Use the Rounder for final shaping.