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8/01/08 Please check out my new Etsy shop:

My Etsy Shop - Kudos and More

and new Ebay store:

My Ebay Shop - Kudos and More

4/14/08 As of this date, please email me with any request or orders to kim at typanski.com.  Change the "at" to @.

Thank you.

03/17/08  Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

My great grandfather, Patrick Reagan, was born in Ireland on this day.  The city would put him in a convertible for the parade, not because of his birthday, but because he was a WWI veteran.  Cool huh?  Anyway, I may have a green beer today in his memory.  Ha!

Oh, I made some beads this weekend.....it was GOOD!



How I've missed dots!

Have a great day!

Pictures soon. 


   03/14/08 Hi!  Yes, I am still here and thinking about firing up my kiln today!  Can you believe it?  Spring has sprung and I am SO happy!  I have a pony in for training (yes, call me crazy) and I am starting to update my horses website and so if you're interested, you can follow along with her training here: 


Have a great day! 


and melting glass. 

Today and all this weekend!


1/11/08 Happy New year!

  I'm off and running on my new business and still I keep thinking about all of you.  Hope you have a great year and continue to support your muse.  There is no better way than BEADS!  Please keep the artist within happy.   

I have a new website:

Signs Now

If you need exhibits for an upcoming show, banners or vehicle graphics, I can do it!  Check out the website and send me an email.  I miss you guys!  I've had no time to torch but I will again soon. 

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