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032408 - My Fable has awesome ground manners!  My trainer said to me last year that if the horse won't go on a trailer, it doesn't know how to lead. That's right...lead.  And she's right!

It has taken awhile and an incredible amount of work, but Fable is right where I think she should be on ground manners.  Oh, except the dancing feet.  When you have her tied, she'll do this little piaffe like thingy.  I think it's cool and like a dance, but some may say it's disobedient. 

Sometimes you just gotta have some fun!

031408 - We are working on leg yielding.  Keep in mind that in a leg yield, you will have lateral flexion and no lateral bend.  Of course, a leg yield out on the circle will have lateral bend.  Get it?  I think I am right either way we're getting there!

  030608 - For 4 days straight we've been working hard trying to get in shape.  Not just my horse, but me too!  Today, on the lounge line she was tired and it was surprisingly no funny business.  She worked like a dream.  She's going to get this dressage "stuff", I know she will.  Oh and by the way, I have a pony in for training (cutest spotted pony you ever did see) but we can't talk about that spotted pony.  It's all about FABLE around here and those that know her, know..... IT IS ALL ABOUT FABLE! 

Have a great day!  Fable did! 

Picture below is Fable at four years old.  Click on picture for larger view. 


Picture below is Fable as a three year old and this is our first ride together.  We sure have come a long way!    Check out the picture at the very bottom of the page to see what she looked like at 3 hours old! 

Another birthday?  I can't believe she's two already.  What a big girl!  She grew into her her big feet.  She never did get her birthday bath and measurements, but soon.  See below for her new birthday pictures.

Fable - June 10, 2005.  She will be two tomorrow.

Picture taken June 10, 2005.

What will you be?

A cross between The Princess and The Prospect.

Information on these and other Basic Horse Personalities can be found in Hunter and Sport Horse March/April 2004

The Princess.  This horse is pretty, typey, pricey, spoiled and probably an excellent performer in the manicured hunter ring or dressage arena.  She can never be too rich, too plump or too pampered.  She is allergic to bug spray, wound spray, dust, dirt, mud, hair, air, rain, Cheez Whiz, fake leather, unappreciative people,  blouses made out of synthetic fabrics, authority figures, and (on a bad day), food and water.  Sell this horse to an overprotective, hypochondriac, keep-up -with-the Joneses, obsessive-compulsive micro-managing horse mom...they'll bond, bond, bond!  Do it for a ridiculously high price tag, and they'll both be ecstatic. 

The Prospect.  She's everyone's favorite.  Potential shines from every pore.  Luckily, sheer potential is not required to do anything.  She'll perform grandly some day if you could only load her, bathe her, ride her or even lead her anywhere. She lunges okay until something catches her eye and...come back here...the Prospect lunges adequately until something distracts her and ...come back here...The Prospect lunges kinda-sorta until...get your hairy, misbegotten two-year-old butt back here right this instant!...The Prospect may actually take a tad bit longer to train than you thought.

Fable at one year is 14.2h and 765 lbs.

Picture taken June 11, 2004.  She's 1 today!


"Hey, You're not trying to take a picture of those other horses are you?"

Below Fable at three hours old.