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I usually use Italian made Moretti, German made Lauscha, and American made Bullseye glass.  Various frits, enamels, silver foil and silver wire help complete my palette for surface design.  Making glass beads is an integral part of my life offering intrigue and opportunities for exploration.  In other words, stop by often to see what's new!  All of my beads are properly kiln annealed for durability. 

Your beads will be shipped in a bubble envelope and carefully packed in a gift box.  Shipping is $2.50 U.S. and Canada.


8/9/07Here's a picture of just one of the beads I submitted to "Once Upon a Bead".


8/5/07  I need to work on beads for the exhibit (see my home page).

I'm not sure just yet when any new beads will be posted but thanks for coming to take a look!