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About Me

For over three years, I've been making lampwork beads.  Everyday, not just because I love it, but because it's all just a bit harder if I don't practice everyday.  If I only had one word to describe what I do at the torch, it would be "delicate".  A dance of sorts between the glass, the fire, the imagination and so much more.  Beads have captivated humans for thousands of years.  They are universal.  In my own small way, I contribute to something that is timeless.  The rewards are incredible. 

Visit my Studio page for a little more lampworking information.

Picture below is me and my first torch.

I live on a farm with three horses, three children and a loving and supportive husband.  I've been in business six years now and wouldn't be, if it weren't for his support.  We have only one dog, an Old English Mastiff.  There's quite a few cats, a rabbit and some other little critters that the kids like, but I think they're just more work. 

The horses in the first snow of 2005.

From left to right - Diamond 10 yr old Oldenburg/TB, Fable 2 yr old Oldenburg, Shaneen 28 year old TB.   

Tonka and Studio Cat below.

 Tonka, the Old English Mastiff.  In this picture he's saying, "I Can't eat that cat.  I can't eat that cat.  Nope....Not allowed...Look at him....I would you know, if I could...."  The cat, we named Gray Cat, found us and decided to stay.  Poor thing is all beat up but fat and happy now.  It would be really, really nice if he caught a mouse now and then.  Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!

3-28-07 Below is a picture of Sweetpea.

3-28-07 A recent picture of Fable.  Look what she did to the poor Lilic.

The bigger she grows, the more she can reach!  Oops.